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BM Polymers: 20 January 2020
Behn Meyer Europe GmbH Is Now A Distributor for Birch Chemicals

Effective 1 January 2020, Behn Meyer Europe GmbH has entered into an agreement with Birch Chemicals to distribute its Innovox® calcium oxide and Innovoh® calcium hydroxide products in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The expansion will see Europe’s core markets gain greater access to Innovox® calcium oxide, a pioneering desiccant used in a wide variety of rubber products, along with and Innovoh® calcium hydroxide, which can be used as an activator in Fluoroelastomer (FKM) blends.

Birch Chemicals’ global reputation is supported by an award-winning integrated supply chain that delivers calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide with higher purity, higher surface area and powerful performance. Meanwhile, Behn Meyer is well-known as a specialty chemical supplier to the rubber and plastics industries, with a network covering over 30 countries worldwide.

With a successful ongoing collaboration in Southeast Asia already, the two industry innovators now plan to meet demand by expanding their partnership to Europe’s core markets.

“Behn Meyer believes in shaping solutions for the future, and our commitment to leading innovation and partnership in the industry is why we’re delighted to be expanding our partnership with Birch Chemicals”, says Dr. Joachim Bertrand, Director at Behn Meyer.

Thanks to Innovox®’s rapid desiccant action, the porosity caused by moisture contained in fillers such as calcium carbonate, polymers, plasticisers or carbon blacks is prevented on finished products. It is proven that rubber compounds perform more effectively and consistently with Innovox® giving improved quality, reduced scrap levels and lower desiccant addition rates.

“Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do at Birch Chemicals,” says Steve Foster, Business Development Director at Birch Chemicals. “Compound manufacturers around the world rely on Innovox® and Innovoh® for high-quality, consistent results, and we’re delighted to be making it even easier to deliver that to them.”

Birch Chemicals premium products are available in specially designed weight-controlled packaging units, with Innovox® in easy-to-use sachets and Innovoh® in special protective packaging.
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