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BM Animal Nutrition: 22 November 2011
Behn Meyer Europe GmbH has successfully acquired GMP+ certification
"Behn Meyer Europe GmbH has successfully acquired GMP+ certification which is essential to building up the animal feed business within the European feed market. Consumers are becoming much more aware of issues surrounding the safety and quality of their food and are increasingly seeking reliable assurances prior to purchase. In order to gain and retain consumer confidence, suppliers of meat, dairy products and eggs are demanding that feed companies provide them with the perfect basis for this and GMP+ certification helps feed companies to establish their own healthy business operation. The scheme includes quality assurance management, hazard analysis critical control points, the application of good manufacturing practices, early warnings and traceability.

The GMP+ certification of Behn Meyer Europe GmbH is a milestone which will serve as the basis for expanding the animal feed business in Germany." 
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