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BM Group:  30 May 2022

Behn Meyer Donates Educational Aid for Special Needs Class

Heavy, incessant rain flooded hundreds of homes in Malaysia late last December, causing more than 70,000 Malaysians to be displaced. A few months after the incident, the victims are still struggling to recover from the trauma and loss caused by the devastating natural disaster.

As a continuation of last year's initiative to aid flood victims and reduce their plights, Behn Meyer, together with its employees, had joined hands to donate to those affected by the flood. 22 of Behn Meyer's employees benefitted from this cash donation.

As a corporate citizen, Behn Meyer also noted that some of the heavily impacted areas are still struggling to get back to their previous conditions due to lack of funds and manpower. One of those areas was SK Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam.

When spoken to SK Taman Sri Muda's Headmistress, Puan Siti, she mentioned that her Special Needs class was one of the areas that required critical help. In the Petaling Perdana district, only few schools have the capacity to accommodate special needs students. The class, which was comprised of students with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, and other learning difficulties like autism and dyslexia, required digital tools to help them learn. However, most educational instrument in the classes were completely destroyed by the flood as it was located on the ground floor.

Recognising how essential digital education aid is to encourage engagement and participation in class especially for special needs students, Behn Meyer had contributed eight notebooks, one projector, one printer, one tripod and one tripod stand to the school to ease the students’ learning. During the school visit, Puan Rohaya Muhammad, the Managing Director of Behn Meyer Specialties (M) PLT, together with Mr Bernard Loh, the Executive Director of Behn Meyer AgriCare (M) Sdn. Bhd. also distributed some goody bags of foods and 'duit raya' (gift money) to 16 of the special needs children.

At Behn Meyer, we believe that positively impacting society is just as essential as providing great specialty products and services. As a part of our social responsibility pillar under the Behn Meyer’s corporate sustainability effort, we aspire to create a lasting effect on our community with our employees through our combined efforts and contributions.
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