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BM Indonesia:  11 February 2023

Behn Meyer Chemicals Indonesia Works with Halu Oleo University on Livestock Research and Knowledge Transfer

In 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture has set the target for Indonesia to become a year of farm success. Modernisation is critical for the livestock business and industry right now, not only to strengthen the country's food security but also to improve the competitiveness, quality, and effectiveness of export products. To achieve this goal, all stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and human resources should collaborate to create a positive environment for growth.

Behn Meyer Chemicals, as a company, continuously improves its strategy to accelerate business growth and contribute to the industry. We are open to positive collaboration that helps create high-quality human resources and can impact the livestock industry and business. With this background, on 11 February 2023, Behn Meyer Chemicals signed a collaboration agreement with Animal Husbandry Faculty, Halu Oleo University, Southeast Sulawesi. Prior to this collaboration, we had already collaborated with Hasanuddin University to share, educate, and do research related to the livestock industry.

The signing session was conducted online, and the event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, lecturers, the Chairman of the Senate, and the Head of Laboratory of the Faculty. Mr Teddy Candinegara, Executive Director of Sales Behn Meyer Chemicals, signed the agreement as our representative, with Dr Ir. Ali Bain, M.Si being the representative of Halu Oleo University.

Dr Ir. Ali Bain, M.Si welcomes the collaboration with Behn Meyer Chemicals. As Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, he hopes that through this collaboration, Behn Meyer Chemicals can participate as a teaching practitioner in sharing sessions or public lectures. In addition, he specially invited Behn Meyer Chemicals as a speaker at the upcoming International Forum in November 2023. 

"I've read some research about local's wealth, cashew (Anacardium occidentale) that can be processed for the livestock industry. I think we can explore this further and implement the results for a better industry. It's not only about the quality of the business. We should also consider the many aspects that must have competitive value in local and foreign markets. Behn Meyer hopes that through this agreement, we can provide insights for students, such as the current needs of industry and workplace. We can also implement research results to contribute to the development of daily life," said Mr Ili Kusmidi, Executive Director of Sales. 

Mr Teddy Candinegara also added that Behn Meyer Chemicals is ready to transfer knowledge about the business, the industry, and many insights that may support students to be more prepared for the work situation. In relation to research, Mr Teddy encourages the students to do research that has positive impacts and can be a recommendation for the livestock industry.-


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