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BM AgriCare: 15 March 2022

Behn Meyer AgriCare Joins NATSEM 2022 in Addressing Challenges in the Plantation Industry

Despite its importance to Malaysia's socio-economic development, the plantation industry still faces continual issues such as cost reduction, mechanisation, workforce shortages, and environmental protection. The recent Covid-19 had made it even more difficult for the sector as the whole plantation industry had to develop and adopt more robust SOPs due to stringent policies.

Thus, to look into some of these issues, the Incorporated Society of Planters had organised the 15th ISP National Seminar 2022, also known as NATSEM 2022, allowing players in the industry to be a part of the discourse and discuss the solutions to this dilemma. The exhibition, which was held at Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur on 14th and 15th March 2022, drew 500 participants from the plantation and agronomy sectors across Malaysia.

As one of the 45 exhibitors at this event, Behn Meyer AgriCare is focused on sustainable solutions for the plantation industry where farming practices do not just concentrate on the economic aspect but also on environmental protection.

Many visitors expressed interest in our one-stop solution plan, particularly soil health awareness information. In fact, our IMPACT® fertilisers were the highlight of Behn Meyer AgriCare’s booth as its premium quality dry granulation formulation is known to be great for soil health and help boost crop yield among farmers.

Our booth visitors were also introduced to the bm AgriCare app, a mobile crop doctor that can help users to identify challenges they are facing with their plants and suggest solutions according to the symptoms shown by the plants.

Overall, the team received a very warm and welcoming response from the participants.
In sum, through our participation in this event, the AgriCare team seeks to continuously improve and strengthen the plantation sector.

We aim to come back to NATSEM next July with stronger and better products to address the concerns of our customers.
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