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BM Group: 2 July 2013
A new slogan for the Behn Meyer Group
Mr Nguyen Van Tien from Behn Meyer Vietnam Co.,Ltd. proudly presents his slogan proposal “A World of Capabilities”.
The Behn Meyer Group needed to look for a new slogan and in order to create a winning one the marketing team invited all their employees to participate in a slogan contest.

A total of 115 people entered the contest with over 400 slogan proposals being submitted. The board members of the Behn Meyer Group gave careful consideration to all the suggestions before finally selecting the slogan “A world of capabilities” as the winner. This tagline had actually already been successfully used in some countries but is only now being announced as our common group slogan.  

Its purpose is to both provide inspiration and give emphasis to the following strengths:
  • Behn Meyer serves a variety of industries. 
  • Our people and products enable us to enhance our capabilities. 
  • We are a global player. 
  • Our capabilities make everything possible.
The winner of the slogan contest, Mr Tien from Behn Meyer Vietnam, was awarded a prize of 1000 USD and we would also like to give special thanks to Mr Tien for his valuable input.

Mr Tien said: “Wow, I m really happy. It is not only because of the 1000USD, but also because the slogan will follow Behn Meyer’s success in the future. Thank you very much for approving the slogan. I will buy a big beer for our colleagues here in Vietnam!” 

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all the participants in the contest for providing so many creative slogan proposals.
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