Ethics and Social Responsibility

Behn Meyer is committed to fostering a culture of responsibility. We operate in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards across all our business activities.

Through our ethics policies, we empower our employees to handle ethical dilemmas in a way that aligns with the company's missions and values.

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Code of Conduct

Behn Meyer believes ethical companies have a competitive advantage and are able to attract and retain the best people. Our Code of Conduct sets out expected behaviours of our employees and how they relate to our values and principles. External stakeholders across the value chain also benefit from the rules laid out in our Code of Conduct as it encourages compliance with all applicable laws and regulations by all parties. Compliance safeguards the long-term interests of the company, its customers, suppliers, brands, and retailers, and the local communities it operates in.

The commitments in Behn Meyer’s Code of Conduct also correspond to internationally accepted ethical standards in business, including promotion of transparency in operations and safer workplace practices.

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Anti-Bribery and Corruption

Behn Meyer has taken steps to bolster existing safeguards to prevent instances of bribery, fraud and corruption. Beyond the Code of Conduct, the company also has an Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (“ABC Policy”) to provide guidance on how to deal with improper solicitation, bribery, and other corrupt activities and issues that may arise in the course of doing business.

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Whistleblower Policy

Behn Meyer’s whistleblower policy allows employees and the public to raise their concern about any misconduct, bad or harmful behavior, illegal and unethical activity. The whistleblower procedure guarantees confidentiality and non-retaliation via dedicated channels.