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We also provide an innovative range of tyre products that, like its namesake, keeps you moving forward.
Our hands-on specialists are passionate about serving our customers by making technological advances and improving productivity while complying with global and environmental standards and regulations. Backed by our diverse products ranges, we are confident in providing you with the right solutions for any and every situation.

Armed with our tyre industry know-how and our understanding of our customers’ needs, we are well-known for our tailored solutions and excellent service.

Our full range of tyre products include:
Synthetics Rubbers, Natural Rubber-Silica Masterbatches, High Styrene Resins, VP Latexes, Fillers, Surface Modified Fillers, Flame Retardants, Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Ozonants, UV Absorbers, Processing Aids, Factices, Tackifiers, Phenolic Resins, Bonding Resins, Plasticisers, TDAE, Process Oils, Silanes, Activators, Zinc Oxide Actives, Retarders, Accelerators, Curing Resins, Vulcanising Agents, Polymer Bound Predispersed Chemicals, Metal Oxides, Rubber to Metal Bonding Agents, Antitack, Mould Releasing Agents, Inside/Outside Tyre Paints, Marking Paints, White Side Wall Protection, Cosmetics Paints, Bladders, Bladders Coating, Labels, EVA Low Melting Bag, PE Liners, Flippers, Chafers, Cap Plys and Valves.

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