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We supply friction materials that are instrumental for braking and transmission applications in various machines and equipment — for when you want your moving parts to start and stop at the right times.
Representing renowned principals, we offer a broad range of friction materials in six main groups:
  1. Binding materials  
  2. Abrasive materials 
  3. Performance materials 
  4. Filler materials 
  5. Structural materials  
  6. External materials  
The market is always changing in terms of its trends, requirements and regulations. Our team thus cooperates with our valued business partners in developing new and innovative products to answer the market’s needs, providing technical expertise where it is required, when you need it.

Our full range of friction products include:
Fibers, Phenolic Resins, Mineral Fillers, Metal Oxides, Iron Oxide Pigments, Green Layers, Brass Chips, Friction Dust, Graphite, Wollastonite NBR Powder, Mineral Fibers, Bonding Agents and Mould Releasing Agents.

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