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When it comes to all things related to the rubber and plastics industry, you need to look no further than Behn Meyer Polymers.
We are a global player and a trusted name in the polymers industry, manufacturing and distributing various products for the rubber and plastics industry throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. Our experienced team of professionals from diverse backgrounds ensures that we deliver excellence on all fronts, tailoring the best solutions for our customers and the needs of the market. 

Through the Rubber business, we are pleased to offer you products from four main categories: Tyre, Latex, Friction and Rubber Goods.

If plastic-related solutions are what you seek, our robust Plastics business offers a range of products for automotive, wire & cable, construction, packaging, E&E and telecommunication applications as well as consumer goods.

We also offer a variety of products through our affiliate Performance Additives, including multifunctional processing aids for the rubber and plastics industries, as well as ultra-accelerators for rubber applications.

Get in touch with us today and let us begin the conversation on the solutions best suited to your needs.
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