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Ultrapure Water

Your products require precision that only the best can provide.

Boosted by the booming electronics, power and pharmaceutical sectors in Asian countries, the world market for ultrapure water continues to grow.

As ultrapure water is used chiefly for highly sensitive operations and productions such as the manufacturing of semiconductors, pharmaceutical products, laboratory and research equipment as well as super critical boiler generations, the water must be purified to very strict standards, where ion contents in the water have to be below parts per billion, or even parts per trillion. Precise systems and dependable quality materials are key to continued profitability in this industry.

Our products include:

Activated Carbons
Used to remove organic materials and odour, especially if the water source contains high levels of organic content.

Ion Exchange Resins
Removes unwanted ions and replaces them with beneficial ions for softening and demineralisation processes.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System
A process of filtering and flushing away water contaminants, leaving only clean water behind.
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