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Process Water

Quality products demand quality processes. We can help.

Most manufactured products require water at some point during the production process – fabricating, processing, washing and diluting all require water that has undergone extensive treatment to prepared it for that purpose.

As cities continue to flourish and grow all around the world, they necessitate the growth of the local industry, creating even more demand for process water. However, as water scarcity becomes more and more of a major risk, the pressure is on to improve the efficiencies of all systems involved, which can be achieved through the use of reliable, high-quality materials.

Our products include:

Solid materials used for the removal of contaminants.

Filter Aids
Used to filter solids before water is fed into sensitive equipment.

Used to remove suspended solids from water.

Ion Exchange Resins
Removes unwanted ions and replaces them with beneficial ions for softening and demineralisation processes.

Membrane Filter
A specialty filter used to remove bacteria, microorganisms, particulates and natural organic material from water.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System
A process of filtering and flushing away water contaminants, leaving only clean water behind.

Sand Filter
A chemical-free process that is used with flocculants to strain out unwanted particles from clean water.
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