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Water Treatment
Redefine water quality – treating water for a brighter future and better life.
Due to ever-increasing demand and requirements, the modern world is increasingly turning its focus on maximising water by reusing, recycling and purifying it for repeated uses. When it comes to treating water, whether for human consumption or industrial processes, the same treatment is required: removing solids, odours, colours, metals and bacteria.

Our Water Treatment division serves as a comprehensive solution provider for all your water and waste water treatment requirements.

We supply products that cover the entire value chain of water treatment, providing products, services and ongoing after-sales support including training, equipment commissioning and maintenance to keep your systems functioning optimally.

Our aim is to create maximum value through unparalleled service, cost effectiveness and plant performance.

Our offerings:

  • Chemical Solutions and Filter Aids / Media and Deionising Chemicals
  • Implementation of Chemical Programmes
  • Plant Operation and Maintenance
  • Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers
  • Close-loop Condensers
  • Heating and Chilled Water Systems
  • Steam Generating Boilers

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