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Water Treatment
In addition to human consumption, water is used in many of the industrial processes. Water is already a scarce resource.
And with so many applications requiring water, this means processing of water becomes a very important part of our daily life. Water for drinking, for industrial processes, and for high purity electronic applications, all have different requirements, and so the treatment methods are also very different. Some basic treatments are for the removal of suspended solids, removal of smell and to reduce the bacteria counts. The more sophisticated treatment systems require the removal of specific ions down to ppb and even ppt level. 

Behn Meyer supplies a very wide range of chemical products for the treatments of water for all sorts of industries. The key products for all the water treatment systems are activated carbons, ion exchange resins, flocculants and coagulants. Behn Meyer can also supply specialty chemical products for the treatment of boiler and cooling towers and also for waste water treatments. All the sales staff of Behn Meyer have received intensive trainings from their principals and suppliers in the field of applications, product selections and trouble shooting.

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