Pulp & Paper
The Pulp and Paper Industry basically converts cellulose fibres into many of the products which we see as a wide of papers and boards.
Most of the fibres come from wood, with a small amount being topped up with recycled wastepaper and other fibre raw materials. Wood is reduced to fibre by either mechanical pulping or by chemical pulping. Wide ranges of chemical products are being used to convert fibres into paper and boards. Behn Meyer together with its principals supplies a wide range of processing chemicals and additives into the pulp and paper industry.
  • Biocides 
  • Defoamer 
  • De-inking Agents 
  • Enzyme 
  • Fillers 
  • Coagulants / Flocculants 
  • Guar Gum 
  • Optical Brighteners 
  • Sizing Agents 
  • Titanium Dioxides
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