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Palm Oil & Oleochemicals
Oil refinery is a delicate and complicated process. Specialty solutions can bring you peace of mind.
Palm oil has been listed as among one of the most valuable crops in the world, with a large majority of it coming from Southeast Asia. The processing of this as well as other oleochemicals comprise multiple processes in order to convert them into useful products.

Besides palm oil, biodiesels have also seen a gradual growth in industry size and adoption rate thanks to increased awareness of the environmental benefits. The critical factor for the industry at large however is still on players’ ability to compete on price compared to traditional fossil fuels. This is where quality parts are needed in order to maximise process efficiency and minimise wastage.
Get in touch for high performance parts and innovative solutions that are tailored to your needs.
Our products include:

Activated Carbon
Used in the processing of glycerine, where it enables the removal of organic impurities and organics (such as eldehydes and chromophores). It is also used for the pre-treatment of diluted glycerine before ion exchange can occur, as well as upgrading refined glycerine to high purity standards.

Activated Bleaching Earth
Used to adsorb impurities or coloured substances from fats and oils.

Anti-crystallisation / Anti-clouding Agent
Poly-glycerol-ester (PGE) demonstrates crystal phase properties that are favourable to the formation of very stable gel network structures. It also exhibits very good performance as an anti-crystallisation and anti-clouding agent for the vegetable oil, biodiesels and oleochemicals industries.

Our antioxidants range comprises different synthetic antioxidants such as TBHQ, BHT, BHA and tocopherols, which are used to prevent deterioration of oil during storage, transportation and discolouration from oxidation.

Citric Acid
Widely-used additives that can be used as a pH adjuster, acidifier, chelating agent, buffering agent, flavour enhancer, retarder, stabiliser and antioxidant.

Filter Aids
Extremely efficient materials that are used at each step of oil filtration. They use a robust separation method to compress solids, allowing for high solids capacity and scalability.

Nickel Catalysts
Used for the hydrogenation of palm-based derivates in order to improve oxidative stability, lengthen shelf life and modify the solids content and melting characteristics of the oil. 
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