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 MSG, Sugar & Sweetener
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With the growth of the middle class across Asia Pacific, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the healthfulness of the foods they consume, including the content of MSG, sugar and sweetener. As restrictions continue to tighten around the production of flavour enhancers such as these, producers must turn their focus to differentiating themselves in order to stand out from the masses.
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Behn Meyer’s products are known for their quality and reliability. Our customers also benefit from our experienced team’s unique knowledge of local landscapes, ensuring the right solution for your needs every time.

Our products include:

Activated Carbon
Used to remove organic materials and odour from water, especially if the water source contains high levels of organic content.

Antifoamers & Defoamers
Prevents the build-up of and removes foam from syrups / liquid sugars.

Used in evaporators to help prevent the formation of scales.

Used to disinfect juice and remove unwanted tastes and odours, and also improve sugar recovery.

Used to remove unwanted colours from syrups and liquid sugars.

Natural, high-performance alternatives to chemicals that help with the treatment of dextran and starch.

Used in SRI- or Dor-type clarifiers to remove suspended solids from juices.

Filter Aids
Used to filter solids before water is fed into sensitive equipment.

Ion Exchange Resins
Removes unwanted ions and replaces them with beneficial ions for decolouration.

Viscosity Reducer
Used in C pan boiling, where it increases the rate of circulation in the pan.
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