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Metal Processing & Others
For the best results, only top-quality materials will do.
The expanding economies in Asia Pacific have given rise to the emergence of many new key growth engines for the metal processing industry in the region. More than ever before, large quantities of high-value goods, such as automobiles, refrigerators and air conditioners are being manufactured in the region, supported by the growth of the middle class. For producers, diversification and manufacturing flexibility represent key strengths, with those most able to shift their focus on the sectors with the most demand emerging as victors.
Behn Meyer supports producers large and small in the metal processing industry, suppling an extensive range of chemical products for metal finishing as well as glass, mechanical accessories and spare parts.
Our products include:

Abrasive Cloth
Cloths coated with abrasive materials that are useful for cleaning and removing rust from metal surfaces.

Abrasive Media
Various materials with different levels of abrasion that are suitable for specific finishing processes.

Tosa Abrasive
A type of abrasive with an extremely high polishing ability and is excellent for even fininshes.

Tosa Compound
A barrel compound with good cleaning ability and can impart a glossy finish for all metals.
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