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Process Industries
The Process Industries cover a wide range of agro-based raw materials, which are used to produce many downstream products for everyday uses.
Corn, tapioca, sugar cane and molasses are basic raw materials being used for further processing to produce food and other technical products for industrial as well as for immediate consumption.

Behn Meyer supplies a wide range of chemical products in the processing of these raw materials. The final products are quite wide-ranging and include cane sugar, glucose, mono-sodium glutamate, sorbitol and other liquid products; Behn Meyer supplies activated carbon, ion exchange resins, filter aids, biocides, clarifying agents, processing chemicals, gold mining recovery, polishing items, flocculants and coagulants for these applications throughout the region.  

Behn Meyer supplies not only chemical products but also specialty equipment and are able to offer complete processing plants through its principals and suppliers.  
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