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Lubricants are used wherever there are moving parts to prevent damage and ensure smooth movement. As the lubricants industry has grown with the steady increase in global demand, its applications have also become increasingly specific and complicated.
In response to the ever-changing technological scene, industries all around the world are constantly looking for better solutions in the form of new materials. In today’s lubricant industry, oil blenders have to meet the industry standard requirements of performance of JASO, API, ACEA and OEM, in addition to complying with the many governmental regulations on emission, such as Euro IV and more.

Beyond its traditional function of keeping moving parts moving, lubricants these days also provide added value such as fuel economy, environmental friendliness and improved equipment efficiency.
At Behn Meyer, we have established partnerships with selected leading manufacturers in the lubricant additives, including Chevron Oronite and Evonik Oil Additive, to proactively introduce advanced DI packages of Oloa 22000 series to meet the newly introduced JASO version 2016 with MA2, MB standard in MCO.
The Oloa series was certified to Dexos V2 in PCMO, while HDflex ADDantage Technology was specially designed for HDEO and certified to API CJ-4, CK-4 with Euro IV fuel. Lastly, the Dynavis technology was invented for hydraulic oil applications and Nuflux for the wind turbine industry.
Behn Meyer also provides a full range of viscosity index improvers from OCP Technology and PAMA Technology, specially designed for automotive oils and industrial oils respectively.
Our highly trained sales team is ready and available to provide you with advice and assistance on tailoring the abovementioned solutions according to your needs and end-users. With various approved formulae and options, we are able to help you meet your oil performance and cost control targets.

Our Products:
  • Core Additives Package for MCO, PCMO, HDEO and IEO
  • Paratone VII for the Automotive Industry
  • Viscoplex VII with PAMA Technology for IEO
  • PPD
  • Antioxidants
  • Liquid Dyes
  • Fragrances 
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