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The petroleum and petrochemical sectors involve both huge capital investments and very long planning periods between planning conceptions and actual commissioning.
Behn Meyer, together with their principals and suppliers, often follow up on projects well in advance of plants being built and “before-sales-service” becomes a very important factor in building relationships with customers. Our principals are world-class technical companies in the petroleum and petrochemicals fields and we very often provide detailed calculations and process simulations for our customers. These are based on their projected operating conditions a long time before any building work begins.

Behn Meyer supplies functional chemicals, additives and processing chemicals for both upstream and downstream oil and gas. We provide chemicals for water injection platforms and the production of biocide, PPD, demulsifier, deoiler and antifoam. We supply catalysts and adsorbents together with activated carbon in gas stripping units. With regard to refinery and petro-complex, we provide a full range of products for CDU, ARU, LCO and NHT such as demulsifier, corrosion inhibitor, amine, activated carbon, antifouling agent, absorbent and catalyst, specialty alumina, molecular sieves, products for tankers as well as additives for diesel oil and gasoline. Behn Meyer also offer technical products and services together with their principals and suppliers for downstream petrochemical products. The ethylene cracker unit is one of the areas where Behn Meyer can supply process additives to improve the performance efficiency of plants so that the clients can also save on energy and costs. 

We provide a full range of additive packages to the lubricant industry for wide application in AEO, MCO, IEO and marine. In addition to the additive package, we also supply VII, PPD, antifoams and antioxidants in order to meet all requirements.  
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