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performance chemicals
Behn Meyer is formulating science for a better, more sustainable world.

Our Performance Chemicals business unit helps our customers save costs, reduce downtime and maximise efficiency while complying with global standards of health, safety and environmental friendliness.

Covering the paint & ink, ceramics & construction and adhesives industries, the Coatings division looks into solutions that help protect and lengthen the lifespans of the things that are important to you.

Specialising in products that help refine and process crude oil, our Petrochemicals division helps to transform this resource into its various forms that benefit people all around the world.

On the other hand, our Process Industries team supplies chemical products and specialty equipment to processing plants that process agro-based raw materials.

Our robust Water Treatment division continually develops solutions to treat and purify this precious resource that is not only essential to all life, but also many of the industrial processes that support our modern lifestyle.

Lastly, our Leather & Textile division caters to the needs of leatherworkers along every step of the value chain, offering specialty solutions for beamhouse and tanning, retanning, dyestuffs, textiles and finishing.

Our scientific and innovative approach enables our customers to conserve resources and improve the functionality of their products and processes. Further supported by our application and analytical laboratories, we provide unparalleled service to those who choose to partner with us.

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