Dyeing, the process of imparting colours to a textile material via the medium of a dye; both synthetic and natural dyes are used within this application.
Among the synthetic are acid (anionic) dyes, basic (cationic) dyes, neutral-premetalized dyes, sulphur dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, pigment dyes etc.

A number of additives such as washing off agent, dye fixing agent and levelling agent are used to treat the fabric before the dyeing stage. In the finishing stage, additives including stiffeners, softeners, anti-static agent, water repellent, soil resisting agent and crease recovery chemicals are used. 

Behn Meyer together with their suppliers are able to provide a wide gamut of chemical ingredients and additives for the textile industry.

  • Printing Media  
  • Dyestuffs  
  • Auxiliaries  
  • Enzymes  
  • Optical Brighteners

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