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Get effective and sustainable solutions for the textiles market.
The textiles industry is an important pillar in any developing economy – the Asia Pacific region in particular is home to many major producers of textiles, including China, Indonesia and India. In recent years, as production volume have ramped up, concerns have arisen concerning the environmental impacts of the textiles industry, and consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about buying responsibly-produced products.

Our products help our customers achieve the results they want while fulfilling consumers’ requirements for eco-friendly products.
Our products include:

Various chemicals that can be added to textiles to further process textiles for specific purposes.

Materials that can impart colour to fabrics with a variety of unique properties, including UV and heat stability as well as abrasion resistance.

Natural, high-performance alternatives to chemicals commonly used in the finishing stage.

Optical Brighteners
Synthetic chemicals that can be added to detergents to make textiles appear whiter and brighter.

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