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Discover eco-friendly, economical solutions for the retanning process.

After beamhouse and tanning, the resulting product, called wet blue, must be further processed to achieve desired crusts, from which handbags, shoes, upholstery and garments may be made. The final feel of the leather, including the fineness and stability of its grain, greatly depends on the processes used on the wet blue.

Optimise your processes and achieve the perfect leather feel with our comprehensive catalogue of quality solutions.

Our products include:

Biodegradable Degreasing Agent
Helps to disperse and release natural fats.

Added to the process to lubricate or emulsify wet blue with oils in order to imbue the leather with softness.

Neutralising Agent
Added to a process in order to neutralise the excess acid present in the wetblue so that the dyeing process would net a uniform result.

Retanning Agent
Resins and syntans based on synthetic polymers that are used to fill and compact empty wet blue to give it qualities such as fullness, tightness, light fastness, better adhesion, elasticity and round softness.
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