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Depending on the required specifications, the leather surface may require one further step before its production is complete. Finishing is the step where physical and resistance properties are applied onto the leather, imbuing the leather with properties such as adhesion, elasticity, dry / wet rubbing fastness, UV and solvent resistance, etc.

Traditionally, this was achieved through the use of chemicals, but as the global industry has shifted towards environmentally friendly and sustainable production, producers must turn their attention towards the substances and processes used in their finishing process to ensure that they resemble the best of responsible practices.

Start your transformation journey towards modern and sustainable production with our world-class products.

Our products include:

A thin layer of plastic that is formed as a layer over the leather, coating and protecting it while giving it nice shiny finish.

Commonly called protein binder. It is added to the process to plasticise the leather with protein binders to prepare it for polishing or glazing.

Various products that can give leather unique features, such as softness and texture as well as abrasion resistance.

Primarily used as a topcoat on leather to impart a glossy new look that increases with the number of coats.

Pre-coloured mixtures that can be applied to leather to make it more durable, stain-resistant and water-repellent, perfect for apparel and wearables.

A water-based protective coating that is flexible, abrasion-resistant and exhibits excellent tensile properties. They can be used by themselves or with acrylic emulsions to improve their overall properties.
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