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Functionality and aesthetics – all in one package.

More than just beautifying the leather with desirable colours, the process of dyeing can also imbue leather with good performance characteristics, such as UV and heat stability, making it suitable for upholstery or performance-grade tools.

As the average consumer becomes more fashion conscious and their spending ability increases, there is more demand than ever for dyes that are not just colour-fast, but also abrasion-resistant, dry-cleaning resistant and light, not to mention eco-friendly and natural-looking.

Attain the beautiful leather shades you want and receive auxiliary benefits at the same time with our innovative range.

Our products include:

Acid Dyes
Strong dyes with low pH values that are ideal for treating various grades of tough leather in order to achieve your desired shade.

Basic Dyes
Water-soluble dyes that can be easily applied to leather to impart brilliant shades.

Metallic Dyes
Strongly pigmented dyes that are suitable both for initial dyeing as well as redyeing.
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