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Beamhouse & Tanning

Put your best foot forward with best-in-class beamhouse and tanning solutions.

Before raw leather can be fashioned into leather products, the animal hide must undergo an extensive process involving various to make it usable. In recent years, the environmental effects of large scale beamhouse operations and tanning has come under scrutiny, and there is an urgent need for the industry to reimagine its processes in a world that is rapidly shifting towards eco-sustainable practices.

Behn Meyer helps you comply with international regulations and achieve greater efficiency through our extensive product range for this process.

Our products include:

Chrome / Vegetable Tanning
Converts the natural fibre network of the hide collagen or pelt into wet blue. Applicable during the tanning process.

Deliming Agent
Neutralises the alkali, lime and caustic soda on the pelt during the deliming process.

Enzymatic Bating Agent
Cleanses grease and scud from the grain during the bating process

Liming Agent
Reduces the pH of pelts to a level suitable for chrome tanning, applied during the pickling process.

Salt / Formic Acid
Uniformly opens up the fibre structure of the pelt and removes the hair and epidermis.

Wetting Agent / Degreaser / Sodium Sulphide / Bactericide
Used during the pre-soaking / soaking process to clean or remove dirt, blood, fat and salt from the pelt. In addition, they also often and swells up the fibre, bringing the skin back to the state of the hides. It also disperses and removes interfibrillar proteins.

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