Beamhouse & Tanning

This is the foundation of leather processing, namely the treatment:

  • Bating
    Is to cleanse the grease and scud from the grain. Our product range includes enzymatic bating agent.
  • Deliming
    Is to neutralize the alkali, lime and caustic soda from the liming process which is dissolved the excessive lime in the pelt. Our product range includes deliming agent.
  • Liming
    Is to uniformly open up the fibre structure and remove the hair and epidermis. Our product range includes liming agent.
  • Pickling
    Is to reduce the pH of the pelts to a level suitable for chrome tanning. Our product range includes salt and formic acid.
  • Presoaking / Soaking
    Is a process to clean / remove the dirt, blood, fat and salt. In addition it softens and makes the fibre swell, bringing the skin back to the state of the hides; it also includes the dispersal and removal of the interfibrilliar proteins. Our product range includes wetting agent, degreasing, sodium sulphide and bactericide. 
  • Tanning
    Process converts the natural fibre network of the hide collagen / pelts into wetblue. Our product range includes chrome tanning and vegetable tanning.
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