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Across Asia Pacific, the ink & paint industry is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, spurred on by the demands of the region’s growing economies.

From automotive to plastics, almost every industry benefits directly from the ink & paint industry. However, as new players continue to enter the market both on a local and global scale, those that want to stay competitive must strive to provide added value to their products – not only delivering excellence in the traditional sense, but going even further beyond, be it through the introduction of auxiliary benefits or by providing specialised expertise.
Discover world-class solutions, tailored for your local market.
Millions of people around the world benefit every day through the products that we help create. Strategically coupling internationally renowned brands with a unique understanding of local landscapes, we connect our customers to the products they need to increase efficiency and profitability while putting our best foot forward in terms of sustainable solutions.

We continually seek to add value even after making the sale – we provide ongoing technical support to ensure all systems are correctly implemented and running smoothly, and we also help your production lines run smoothly by ensuring compliance with global regulations and managing inventory for you. As proof of our commitment towards our customers, we are further supported by our application laboratory based in Thailand, which ensures proven formulations that are just right for you.

Our products include:

Binders / Resins
The core material of a coating, which determines important properties such as e-fluorescence resistance, gloss retention and dirt pickup resistance.

Coatings Additives
These are some of the most important contents in a coating’s formulation, as they help stabilise and enhance its performance. These additives help introduce unique characteristics such as rust conversion, insulation, antistaticity and intumescence.

Curing Agent
Also known as a crosslinker, this allows for the achievement of polymerisation through means of reacting with the functionalities of the polymer material. Used in waterborne, solvent-borne, powdered and radiation cured coatings.

Fillers / Extenders
Aside from reducing production costs, fillers are used to enhance the functional properties of coatings, such as surface treatment, morphology control, calcination and also to imbue unique properties such as high chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance and low reflection index.

Pigments and Colourants
Provides aesthetic, colour and functionality such as UV protection and heat insulation to coatings. This product class includes organic pigments, inorganic pigments, functional pigments and special effect pigments.
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