ceramics & construction
The most common material used for structural ceramic parts is alumina.
Zirconium is often used in wear applications requiring improved fracture resisitence and stiffness over alumina. Ceramic forming processes may be classified as traditional - die pressing, cold isostatic pressing, slip casting and extrusion - or as new and emerging, such as injection moulding and tape casting. All ceramics start as granular powder, made up of a base material, for example alumina or zirconia; they are then mixed with other stabilizers and binders that give each "ceramic body" its own unique characteristics.

Behn Meyer is able to offer a broad range of products for both the ceramic and construction industry.
  • Calcined Aluminas 
  • Decal paper 
  • Glaze Printing Medium 
  • Grinding Medias 
  • Lignosulfonates 
  • Metal Oxides 
  • Selenium Powder 
  • Zirconium Silicate
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