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ceramics & construction
Tap into the growth of a booming sector - with the increasing proliferation of mega projects with advanced technologies, a focus on smart cities and the promises of a data-driven world, the construction industry’s growth is expected to accelerate moving forward.
Asia Pacific in particular has seen a major growth in its construction industry due to the high demand for living and working spaces as well as new infrastructure to replace the old one. More than just buildings, this also includes roads, airports, metros and even naval ports.

As society has grown to be more environmentally aware and is beginning to focus more on sustainable and green building projects, quality materials that are durable and long-lasting are taking precedence over traditional materials, opening up a world of opportunities for new and seasoned players alike.
Unlock a world of opportunities with Behn Meyer’s resources.
Behn Meyer supplies a variety of innovative products for our customers in the global composites, construction and ceramics markets. More than that, our regional network of highly-trained staff are ready at a moment’s notice to keep you up to date on the latest market news and to support you through on-site visits and technical consultations.

Our products include:

Construction Additives
Specialty chemicals that are introduced to improve the performance of the cement mortar, asphalt and bitumen. This range of products include superplasticisers, waxes and intermediates, which provides better strength, flow and control over curing, which leads to new technology such as warm and cold mix.

Composites System
A range of products that boast superior quality and impressive performance. This product range includes polyester and vinyl ester resins, compounds, gelcoats, tooling systems and bonding pastes.

Used preferentially in building and construction applications because of their toughness as well as their strong adhesion, chemical resistance and other specialised properties.

Hardening materials that are added to resins or binders (such as composites, concrete and ceramics) to improve specific properties, make the product cheaper to produce, or a mixture of the two.

Pigments and Colourants
Provides aesthetic, colour and functionality such as UV protection and heat insulation to the construction. This product class includes organic pigments, inorganic pigments, functional pigments and special effect pigments.

Specialty Alumina
This product range includes both aluminium trihydroxide (ATH) and aluminium oxide, which are not only useful for abrasives polishing, but also for high performance applications in refractory, traditional and advanced ceramics.
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