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The global adhesives market is expected to grow over the next few years, largely due to the growing demand for hygiene, packaging, construction and transportation products and infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region, which is also the world’s primary producer of adhesives.

As regulations continue to mount to tackle issues of environmental sustainability, industry players must work harder than ever before to keep up with the ever-changing trends and figure out their long-term plans for profitability, which necessitates innovation in both formulation and strategy.

To this end, Behn Meyer is your one-stop solution for innovative products and solutions for the adhesives industry.

Partner with us to enhance your products and grow your business.

Our quality products are sourced from our global leading suppliers, who invest heavily into R&D and readily share their technology with those under our network, ensuring you stay on the competitive edge. Our customers also benefit from the unique perspective of our knowledgeable and experienced team, who provide market insights and updates regularly to keep our customers abreast of the latest trends and innovations within the industry.

Our products include:

Adhesive Additives
A series of additives such as wax plasticisers and antioxidants that are designed to improve performance and processing properties for hot melt, pressure-sensitive and solvent- / water-based adhesives, among others.

Binders / Resins / Polymers
The core material of a coating, which determines important properties such as strength, toughness, flexibility, adhesion, block resistance and optical clarity.

Curing Agent
Catalyst which causes the solidification of adhesives and initiates the cross-linking reaction with the polymers. Specific adhesives resins require specific catalysts to start the reaction.

Aside from reducing production costs, fillers are used to enhance the functional properties of adhesives, such as adhesion, mechanical properties, flow and intumescence.

Pigments and Colourants
Provides aesthetic, colour and functionality such as UV protection and heat insulation to adhesives. This product class includes organic pigments, inorganic pigments, functional pigments and special effect pigments.

Structural Adhesives
Adhesives that “harden” or cure into a material capable of holding two or more substrates together, bearing the forces involved over the lifetime of the product. Some of our products in this range have received ClassNK’s certification for steel bonding and GFRP bonding applications.

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