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The coating industry as a whole covers the paint & ink, pulp & paper, ceramics & construction and adhesives industries.
The range of chemical products supplied for all these industries ranges from basic commodities products such as kaolin, calcium carbonate, color pigments, titanium dioxides, unsaturated polyester resin, waxes, SBS resin, polyester resin, iron oxide, inorganic pigment, epoxy resins, minerals (e.g. zirconium), textiles dyes and effects as well as decal paper.

Industries such as pulp & paper are big consumers of chemical products and Behn Meyer’s service staff is well-trained by our principals and suppliers in order to ensure an excellent service to our customers .

Behn Meyer holds much of the stock in this region to cater for customer requirements and provide deliveries at short notice whenever necessary. This enables our customers to keep low inventories at their warehouses.  

Stock availability and technical service support are vital key ingredients for our success in these industries. 
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