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Behn Meyer is committed to the betterment of quality of life for all living things.
Our Ingredients business unit focuses on the development of the life sciences, offering a wide range of products and services for the animal nutrition, food ingredients as well as the personal care, home care & pharma industries:

Our customer care about their animals and so do we. Our Animal Nutrition division looks into the health and wellness of all farmed animals, and is driven to develop and promote natural additives that boost animal nutrition and health, while the Aquaculture division looks after the wellbeing of farmed marine species.

Meanwhile, our Food Ingredients division is passionate about all kinds of food, supplying products that help add taste, colour, texture, nutrition and functionality to products used by millions of people around the world.

Finally, the Home & Personal Care, Pharma division focuses on the beauty of living by introducing innovative and environmentally-friendly ingredients for the home & personal care and pharma industries.

Our teams of local experts couple in-depth technical knowledge with strong local expertise to develop innovative and healthy products that impact lives in tangible ways. We aim to provide sustainable solutions along every step of the journey to meet the modern consumer’s demand for natural, safe, high quality products.
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