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home & personal care, pharma
Behn Meyer offers a wide range of high quality and high performance ingredients for the personal care, home care and pharmaceutical industry. Among the specialty chemicals and ingredients we promote are active ingredients, antiperspirant active, antimicrobial agents, emulsifiers, emollients, extracts, multifunctionals, preservatives, surfactants, waxes and many more.

Maintaining a high rate of innovation is essential for the long-term success of the Behn Meyer Personal care group. Our customers are operating in a very competitive environment and are constantly looking for new and pioneering ideas to differentiate their products in the marketplace. One of our key missions is to continuously search for innovative and environmentally friendly ingredients and by introducing these products to our customers we can help them to both identify and take advantage of emerging consumer trends. With the rise of consumer spending power and the increase demand due to people’s consciousness, there has been a huge shift on the focus for natural ingredients.

The main R&D centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia supports all our Behn Meyer offices throughout the ASEAN region, which is further complemented by application laboratories in Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, we have collaborations with the group’s worldwide network of suppliers, industrial partners and independent institutes. In order to serve our customers well, experienced chemists and pharmacists to develop sustainable solutions together with our customers support our company. We provide technical assistance, R&D support, and warehousing as well as on-time delivery. 

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