Sweet Foods
Behn Meyer is one of the leading sources of functional and nutritive food ingredients within the sweet goods sector.

It includes: hard boiled candies, lollipops, toffees, mint drops, jelly candies, liquorice, chocolates, marzipan, persipan, marshmallows, fudges, nugats, caramels, chewing gum, cup jelly, puddings and sweet snacks.

Health will continue to be one of the mega trends in the food industry. Consumers are increasingly conscious of what they are eating and expect to see healthy ingredients that provide basic nutrition as well as added functional benefits, whether in cereals, yogurts or snack bars. One of our key missions is to continually search for new and healthful ingredients and bring those products to the market. 

Our profound knowledge of consumer preferences within the markets that we are operating in, serves as the foundation for partnership with our clients – setting the stage for the market and product needs of today and tomorrow:

  • By selecting products from our comprehensive portfolio of liquid and dry sweeteners, customers from across the food industry are able to enhance and develop the functionality and taste of their consumer products. Liquid sweeteners vary according to differing levels of dry solids content, dextrose equivalent (DE) and sugar composition (fructose, maltose, higher sugar content), enabling us to offer a wide range of flavours, structures and textures. Among the functionalities are energy source, sweetness and flavour boosting capabilities. In addition, they are able to help control freezing / boiling points, viscosity, hydration and moisture levels as well as osmotic pressure. Our range of dry sweeteners, widely used in food applications, includes dried glucose / corn syrup, maltodextrins, crystalline dextrose, crystalline fructose and polydextrose; these highly functional ingredients deliver sweetness, texture and flavour; they can add nutritional value and fibre, or remove carbohydrates and fat. Dry sweeteners help products ferment, cookies brown and liquids crystallize; in addition, they can also help control viscosity, hydration and moisture levels, as well as regulate humectancy and osmotic pressure.
  • Non Nutritive Sweeteners comprise low / no-calorie, high intensity sweeteners that, taste like sugar, yet offer health benefits and retain process stability at high temperatures.
  • Tailored in addition to a wide variety of standard flavours allow us to develop innovative product solutions in close cooperation with our clients. Our flavour concepts translate consumer needs and market insights into custom-made and forward-looking products.
  • Specialty starches, hydrocolloids, and emulsifiers offer process stability, help control viscosity and hydration in order to extend shelf-life, add freshness and preserve freeze / thaw stability in a variety of applications.
  • Our range of acidulants are effective preservatives, which can delay or even completely stop bacteria, yeast and mould growth.
  • Natural food colours are dyes obtained from vegetable, animal and mineral sources, that are capable of colouring food, such as seeds, fruits & vegetables, leaves, algae and insects. Depending on the application, a suitable natural food colour can be achieved by keeping in mind important factors for instance pH, processing temperature, light, storage and other affecting elements.
  • Highly functional ingredients (egg products, prebiotic fibre, vitamins & minerals) help customers achieve their individual goals for example by providing whipping or binding functionality for baking applications with the use of egg powders, or with prebiotic fibres, by helping manufacturers add more fibre to baked products and snacks, with no impact on taste or texture. Vitamins and minerals are presently used to fortify a wide array of consumer products.
If you are interested in our complete range of products and solutions or if you need further information, please contact us.
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