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Savoury Foods
Behn Meyer’s versatile range of savoury food ingredients offer a combination of functionalities and solutions to help our customers produce innovative products for today’s lifestyles.
  • Process Stability
  • Save Costs
  • Minimise Bacteria, Yeast and Mould Growth
  • Natural, Reliable & Safe Food Colouring
  • Highly Functional Ingredients
Our savoury food ingredients are useful for a wide variety of processed foods including savoury snacks, processed meats, poultry, seafood, vegetarian foods, sauces, fresh/instant noodles and flours:
  • Our Product

    Specialty Starches, Hydrocolloids, Fibres and Emulsifiers

    Helps with process stability, viscosity control and hydration in order to extend shelf life, add freshness and preserve freeze/thaw stability in a variety of applications, helping you save costs.

    Soy Derivatives: Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVP)

    Versatile substances capable of taking on the texture of whatever processed meat they are substituting, allowing for the production of vegetarian or vegan substitutes of traditional products without compromising flavour or texture.


    Effective preservatives which can delay or even completely stop bacteria, yeast and mould growth.

    Natural Food Colourings

    Complete dyes obtained from natural origins that can impart a suitable natural food colour with the right pH, processing temperature, light, storage and other affecting elements.

    Egg Products

    Provides whipping and binding functionality for baking and making sauces.

    Prebiotic Fibres

    Adds fibre to baked products and snacks with no impact on taste or texture.


    Natural high-performance alternatives to chemicals and additives used in the baking and meat processing industry which can improve the handling properties, stability and proofing tolerance of dough, keeping bread fresh for longer and significantly reducing the amount of stale bread returns. In meat processing, they can improve processes, enhance flavour as well as upgrade meat and meat by-products

    Contact us for more information on our complete range of products and solutions or if you need further information.
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