Savoury Foods
Savoury foods comprise a wide variety of processed foods including savoury snacks, processed meats, poultry, seafood, vegetarian foods, sauces, fresh / instant noodles and flours.

Behn Meyer’s versatile range of products offers a combination of functionalities to provide our customers solutions to produce innovative products for today’s lifestyles:

  • They offer process stability, help control viscosity and hydration (specialty starches, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers) in order to extend shelf-life, add freshness and preserve freeze / thaw stability in a range of applications .
  • Our range of Acidulants have a long track record in the use as preservatives to delay or even completely stop bacteria, yeast and mould growth.
  • Enzymes are natures very own high-performance alternatives to chemicals and additives used in the baking and meat processing industry and offer a variety of functionalities for improving dough’s handling properties, dough stability and proofing tolerances. Enzymes keep bread fresh for longer and can significantly reduce the amount of stale bread returns. A growing number of meat processors are using enzymes to improve their processes, enhance flavour, as well as upgrade meat and meat by-products.
  • Natural food colours, comprise a vast number of functional ingredients, and are defined as any dyes which are obtained from vegetable, animal, or mineral sources, that are capable of colouring food for example seeds, fruits & vegetables, leaves, algae and insects. Depending on the application, a suitable natural food colour can be achieved by keeping in mind important factors such as pH, processing temperature, light, storage and other ingredients that might interfere.
  • Highly functional ingredients (egg products, dehydrated vegetables, soy derivatives, prebiotic fibre) help customers achieve their individual goals by providing whipping or binding functionality, as in the application of egg powders within baking and sauces application in case of egg powders, or in the case of prebiotics, by helping manufacturers add more fibre to baked products and snacks, with no impact on taste or texture in case of Prebiotic Fibres. Soy derivatives such as Textured Vegetable Proteins (TVP) are versatile substances with different forms, capable of taking on the texture of whatever processed meat they are substituting. The use of TVP enables manufacturers to produce vegetarian or vegan versions of traditional meat products or outright substitute parts of the meat content without compromising flavour and texture.
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