Health & Wellness
Health and wellness means different things to different people; it is about healthy living, physical or emotional health, appearance, active lifestyle, or a myriad of personal wellness needs.

One approach to developing products that address consumer’s health & wellness needs is the reduction of ingredients that can be detrimental to health when consumed in large quantities, such as sugar, salt and fat. Another approach is to use inherently healthful ingredients, naturalness, or fortify mainstream products with ingredients that provide functional benefits for disease prevention, appearance, or well-being.

Our group is continually expanding the frontiers of functional health solutions enhancing our customers' product developments:

  • By selecting products from our comprehensive portfolio of liquid and dry sweeteners, customers from across the food industry are able to enhance and develop the functionality and taste of their consumer products. Liquid sweeteners vary according to differing levels of dry solids content, dextrose equivalent (DE), and sugar composition (fructose, maltose, higher sugar content), enabling us to offer a wide range of flavours, structures and textures. Functionalities include energy source, sweetness and flavour boosting capabilities; they can also help control freezing / boiling points, viscosity, hydration and moisture levels, as well as osmotic pressure. Dry sweeteners are widely used in food applications. Our range includes dried glucose / corn syrup, maltodextrins, crystalline dextrose, crystalline fructose and polydextrose; these highly functional ingredients deliver sweetness, texture and flavour; they can add nutritional value and fibre, or remove carbohydrates and fat. Dry sweeteners help products ferment, cookies brown and liquids crystallize; in addition they can help control viscosity, hydration and moisture levels and regulate humectancy and osmotic pressure.
  • Non nutritive sweeteners are low / no-calorie, high intensity sweeteners, that taste like sugar but offer additional benefits in terms of health claims and exhibit process stability at high temperatures.
  • Natural food colours are the dyes obtained from vegetable, animal or mineral, source that are capable of colouring food; such as seeds, fruits & vegetables, leaves, algae and insects. Depending on the application, a suitable natural food colour can be achieved by keeping in mind important factors such as pH, processing temperature, light, storage and other affecting elements.
  • Highly functional ingredients (prebiotic fibres, vitamins & minerals) help customers achieve their individual goals by providing whipping or binding functionality for baking applications (in case of egg powders), or by helping manufacturers add more fibre to baked products and snacks with no impact on taste or texture (in case of prebiotic fibres). Vitamins and Minerals are widely used today to fortify a variety of consumer products.
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