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Baked Goods
Behn Meyer combines our development, application and marketing expertise to creatively develop innovative product solutions in close cooperation with our clients.
  • Regulated Freezing Points, Viscosity, Hydration and Moisture Levels
  • Cost-effective, Better Volume and Optimised Water Absorption
  • Added Nutritional Value and Fibre
  • Retain Process Stability at High Temperatures
  • Prolonged Shelf Life
  • Minimised Bacteria, Yeast and Mould Growth
  • Wide Range of Flavours, Structures and Textures
  • Natural Food Colours
  • Highly Functional Ingredients
  • Natural High-performance Ingredients
The baked goods segment is one of the ASEAN region’s fastest growing segments of the food industry. By selecting suitable products from our comprehensive portfolio of ingredients, customers from across the bakery industry are able to enhance and develop the functionality and taste of their consumer products.
Tailor-made in a wide variety of standard flavours, our innovative product solutions are developed in close cooperation with our clients. Our flavour concepts translate consumer needs and market insights into custom-made and forward-looking products:
Natural high-performance alternatives to chemicals and additives used in the bakery industry which can improve the handling properties, stability and proofing tolerance of dough, keeping bread fresh for longer and significantly reducing the amount of stale bread returns.
Specialty Starches, Hydrocolloids and Emulsifiers
Helps with process stability, viscosity control and hydration in order to extend shelf life, add freshness and preserve freeze/thaw stability in a variety of applications.
Liquid Sweeteners
Our liquid sweeteners have differing levels dextrose equivalent (DE) and sugar composition which allow them to be used effectively as energy sources as well as sweetness and flavour boosters.
Dry Sweeteners
Our dry sweeteners are widely used in food applications, including dried glucose, corn syrup, maltodextrins, crystalline dextrose, crystalline fructose and polydextrose that, in addition to delivering sweetness, texture and flavour, can also help add nutritional value and fibre or remove carbohydrates and fats.
Non-nutritive Sweeteners
Our non-nutritive sweeteners comprise low- to no-calorie, high intensity sweeteners that taste like sugar, yet offer health benefits and retain process stability at high temperatures.
Other Products
Effective preservatives which can delay or even completely stop bacteria, yeast and mould growth

Natural Food Colourings
Dyes obtained from vegetable, animal and mineral sources that can achieve a suitable natural food colour with the right pH, processing temperature, light, storage and other affecting elements

Egg Products
Provides whipping and binding functionality

Prebiotic Fibres
Adds fibre to products with no impact on taste or texture

Vitamins and Minerals
Fortifies a diverse selection of dairy products

Contact us for more information on our complete range of products and solutions or if you need further information.
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