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Behn Meyer provides complete lifecycle solutions as well as hatchery inputs, health products, feed additives and farm supplies for the shrimp industry.
  • Boost Disease Resistance
  • Improve Water Quality
  • Increased Profitability
  • Eco-friendly Biotech Solutions
  • Tailored Solutions
Behn Meyer Aquaculture specialises in synergies between functional pro- and prebiotics for disease resistance and water quality.

Our prebiotics can be used by feed manufacturers or coated onto finished feeds at the pond site. Our unique combinations of these prebiotics to ensure optimal growth of your shrimp:

Prebiotic derived from purified yeast cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, containing oligosaccharides, mannose oligosaccharides and high levels of beta-glucans which boost immunity.

Establishes a balanced gut microflora.

Provides trace elements needed for protein synthesis and immune functions.

Behn Meyer offers a broad range of eco-friendly biotech solutions.

Probiotics are widely used for detoxifying grow-out ponds and hatcheries today. Behn Meyer Aquaculture’s offerings use natural microbes and enzymes to improve growing water conditions, increase disease control and enhance shrimp nutrition and growth. Our brands include:

Epicin & Epizyme PST
Specialty formulations that create healthier and cleaner growing environment for shrimps and digest organic waste at pond bottoms.

Intra Selenium+ Vitamin E & Calcium+ Vitamin D3
specifically formulated to combat cellular damage due to free radicals and to improve the formation of the shrimp shell respectively, resulting in healthier shrimp.

Contact us for an on-site evaluation of your farming system and tailored advice on water quality and sustainability issues. Discover how our solutions can help grow your shrimp hatcheries and farms.
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