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Your Partner for Natural Feed Ingredients.
More and more, out of food security concerns, consumers are turning away from antibiotic growth promoters and chemical feed additives. To stay competitive, today’s producers must also take into consideration issues such as food safety and traceability, sustainability and animal welfare.

Behn Meyer Aquaculture answers these needs by developing and promoting natural additives that boost aquatic animal nutrition and health. Our products improve feed efficiency and reduce the medication needs of all farmed species, leading to lower production costs and better sustainability.

At Home in Asia
Behn Meyer is the trusted name in Asia’s feed industry – just ask any of the 1,000+ producers we serve in Southeast Asia. With global compliance, a regional focus and a network of local experts, we bring global excellence to local businesses through a combination of feed additives manufactured in Europe and the USA plus local research and trial facilities.

Leader in Service
We support our customers with an outstanding service portfolio. Behn Meyer designs, builds and maintains post-pellet liquid application systems for liquid micro-ingredients like enzymes, and we offer unrivalled service strength that our customers can boast about.

Passion for Animals
Our customers care for their animals, and so do we. Together we combine animal welfare with increased profitability to foster the sustainability of aquaculture in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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