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South East Asia is one of the biggest broiler meat exporters in the world. The ban of growth promoting antibiotics in broiler feeds has especially triggered the need to develop natural answers to the challenges of modern poultry rearing.
Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition is at the forefront of implementing antibiotic free solutions for broilers, and transfers them to other species such as layers, ducks and quail. Our product development is centred in Thailand.
Due to high pelleting temperatures, liquid enzymes are the most economical solution for providing state of the art diets for broilers and other poultry. Enzymes also play a crucial role in minimizing nutrient waste from farming systems.

Behn Meyer offers Aspergillus and E.coli phytases from Germany (Finase) and a range of enzymes, specifically designed to hydrolyse antigens in feed raw materials (Hemicell). Varying degrees of NSP enzyme activities are added to tailor the liquid enzyme to the individual need of the fish feed producer (WheatEase). 

A second focus is on prebiotics for poultry. Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition specialises in functional prebiotics that can be pelleted or extruded without any detrimental effect on their efficacy. 

Fermacto is an Aspergillus fermentation product that contains Fructooligosaccharides, Mannose Oligosaccharides, Beta-Glucans and Glucosamine precursors. Penergetic promotes a balanced gut microflora and Azomite provides trace elements needed for protein synthesis and immune functions. Behn Meyer recommends unique combinations of these prebiotics depending on species, development stage and environmental factors. 

A unique way to combine feed efficiency and health improvements is the use of phytogenic compounds. Our botanicals can be applied in liquid form, post pelleting, or in powder form for low pelleting temperature feeds. 

Please also visit our feed protection and feed supplement websites to find out what other items we can offer in your market.
Post-pelleting application requires a compelling portfolio of after-sales services. Please visit Services to find out how we can help with sourcing, installing, maintenance and upgrading of PPLA equipment.
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