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The dairy sector in Southeast Asia is still in its early stages. Often seen as a smallholder development model, dairy farming is mostly done by small and medium sized producers.
Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition is actively involved in building up the dairy sector. Together with co-operatives, milk producers and farms, we introduce new concepts for healthy milk production and profitable dairy farming. Our research is concentrated in Pak Chong, Thailand and in Vietnam, where we cooperate with Dairy Vietnam.
Prebiotics are the main focus of our work in dairy. Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition specialises in developing synergies from different prebiotic concepts. At the same time prebiotics offer stability benefits over life microorganisms.

Bospro is an Aspergillus meal that increases the microbial density in the rumen; these microbes convert fibre into volatile fatty acids needed for milk production. Penergetic improves milk yield and overall herd health. Special versions of Penergetic are BM cream and Penergetic Mastitis. Azomite provides trace elements needed for protein synthesis and fertility. 

A second focus is on the development of targeted phytobiotic concepts for dairy cows. They are used to increase appetite and milk yield. Herbavita comprises a range of herbal products that have been shown to increase immunity and improve fertility, and leads to stronger more resistant cows. 

Behn Meyer Animal Nutrition also combines these brands to develop synergistic products. Our key brand is BM YieldMaxx which is increasing milk yield and promoting overall health status. 

Please contact us if you wish to learn more about our solutions for dairy farms.
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