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Behn Meyer AgriCare markets also a specialty range of fertilizers that are targeted for special crops and situations.

They are usually used in cash crops that require certain nutrient qualities e.g. chlorine-sensitive crops, or in situations where prolonged nutrient availability with less application.

Chlorine-free Fertilizers

These are sulphate of potash based complex fertilizers, suitable for all type of crops especially chloride sensitive plants.

Foliar fertilizers

These are soluble fertilizers specially formulated for foliar application and easy absorption through plant foliage.

Fertigation Fertilizers

These are fertilizers salt specially formulated for fertigation, suitable to use in systems where nutrients are directly supply to the roots.


These are seaweed based liquid organic fertilizers suitable for all type of crops and organic planting.

Slow-release Fertilizers

These are either chemical slow-release fertilizers or special coated controlled release fertilizers for a longer lasting supply and availability of nutrients.

Organic Fertilizers

These are processed organic based fertilizers suitable for organic farming and for improvement of soil texture.

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