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IMPACT® Premium Compaction Fertilizers
IMPACT® fertilizers are manufactured by Behn Meyer AgriCare using special compaction technology. IMPACT® fertilizers have the following premium features: 
  • Homogenous nutrient analysis according to specifications 
  • Hard, dry and 3-6mm granules for ease of uniform application 
  • Contains no urea, therefore minimising N-losses through volatilisation 
  • All nutrients are fully soluble and plant available 
  • Most grades contain the micronutrient B (boron) 
  • Customised formulas with minimum quantities are possible 
They are produced from basic raw materials, possessing granules that are very homogenous in chemical analysis, and contain superior nutrient combinations such as both fast- and slow-acting nitrogen and phosphorus sources that are important especially to the production of vegetable and cash crops. ENTEC® products contain special nitrification inhibitors which stabilise the availability of nitrogen for maximum uptake and utilisation. All these fertilizers are wax-coated for dust-free and free-flowing granules.
Product availability based on the country below:
    •   IMPACT® OP+B (10-0-25-4+0.5%B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® 44+B (12-0-22-3+0.5%B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® 11.5-32.5+B (11.4-0-32.5-0+0.5% B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® NK 10.5-30 (10.5-0-30)
    •   IMPACT® Super OP+B (10-4-25-4+0.5% B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® Super 44+B (12-4-22-3+0.5% B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® Super Blue+B (12-8-17-2+0.5% B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® Special OP+B (10-6-25-4+0.5% B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® Special 44 (12-6-22-3)
    •   IMPACT® Special 44+B (12-6-22-3+0.5% B2O3)
    •   IMPACT® Special OP Year-1 (14-8-18-2.5+0.4% B2O3)
    •   IMPACT®Special 48+8 (no Mg) (10-6-21)
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