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Behn Meyer produces, imports and markets the widest range of fertilizers in Malaysia.

These include the well-known Nitrophoska and Impressa complex fertilizers from Eurochem Agro; specialty complex fertilizers from COMPO; special fertilizers for oil palm such as Korn-Kali® and Sato-Kali® fertilizers; Kieserite and KieserBor from K+S Kali; Muriate of Potash from Canpotex & APC; IMPACT® locally formulated fertilizer blends and all other straight fertilizers such as urea, sulphate of ammonia, rock phosphates, etc.

Complex NPK Fertilizers

These are premium-grade complete NPK fertilizers produced by Eurochem Agro: Nitrophoska® – bearing the well-known Horse and Lion brand, ENTEC® – N-stabilised complex fertilizers and Impressa® – bearing the Hamburg Bridge brand. They are produced from basic raw materials, possessing granules that are very homogenous in their chemical analysis, and contain superior nutrient combinations such as both fast- and slow-acting nitrogen and phosphorus sources that are especially important to the production of vegetable and cash crops. ENTEC® products contain special nitrification inhibitors which stabilise the availability of nitrogen for maximum uptake and utilisation. All these fertilizers are wax-coated for dust-free and free-flowing granules.

Impact Premium Compaction Fertilizers

IMPACT® fertilizers are manufactured by Behn Meyer AgriCare using special compaction technology. IMPACT®  fertilizers have the following premium features:

  • Homogenous nutrient analysis according to specifications 
  • Hard, dry and 3-6mm granules for ease of uniform application 
  • Contains no urea, therefore minimising N-losses through volatilisation 
  • All nutrients are fully soluble and plant available 
  • Most grades contain the micronutrient B (boron) 
  • Customised formulas with minimum quantities are possible 

Multi-Nutrient Fertilizers for Oil Palm and Other Crops

Behn Meyer AgriCare takes pride in our exclusive range of fertilizers that have been specially formulated for use on oil palm. They are a cost-effective source of nutrients targeted to help oil palm growers provide a balanced nutritional mix with less guesswork and labour requirements.

Premium Grade Bulk Blends

These are bulk blends of various granular fertilizers with less of the segregation problems often associated with fertilizer blends of different particle sizes and densities. They are more consistent in their analysis compared to normal fertilizer blends and are also less prone to caking. Behn Meyer AgriCare produces a good range of premium grade bulk blends suitable for use in all crops.

BM Blends

These are blends of normal straight fertilizers. BM Blends boasts a wide range of components and formulas for various plantation crops. Good quality fertilizer blends are produced at various stock points across the country with stringent quality control.

Straight Fertilizers

Behn Meyer AgriCare supplies a complete range of straight fertilizers such as sulphate of ammonia (AS), urea, ground rock phosphates, muriate of potash (MOP) and ESTA Kieserite. These straight fertilizers are imported both for sale as straight applications and for use in granulations or blends. 

Micronutrient Fertilizers

Behn Meyer AgriCare markets the main micronutrient fertilizers for oil palm – fertilizer borates, copper sulphate, zinc sulphate and fritted trace-elements.

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