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crop protection
Behn Meyer AgriCare’s agrochemicals product range includes many proprietary products from BASF, and Kanesho Soil Treatment, as well as generic products from other producers. These include product groups like fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides, soil fumigants and surfactants.


We offer a broad range of fungicides for control of plant fungal infections. The mode of action is either systemic or contact. The range of control can vary from a broad spectrum to a specific target of pathogens.


We offer a broad range of herbicides to for control of weeds; some are broad spectrum targeting a wide range of weeds, whilst some target only very specific families of weeds; most are post-emergent whilst some are pre-emergent.


We offer a broad range of insecticides for control of crop insect pests; their mode of action is either systemic or contact and is either broad spectrum or narrow spectrum in control.


Rodenticides are baits for the control of rat populations when they pose a problem to food crops. We distribute second-generation rat bait that takes care of bait shyness associated with first generation rat baits.

 Soil Fumigants

We distribute soil fumigants that are relatively safe to handle and use; they are used to sanitize the soils in flower farms, tobacco seed beds and nursery planting media. Dazomet controls a wide range of soil-borne fungi, nematodes and weed-seeds: it is also used in the renovation of golf greens.

Wetting Agents

Surfactants are additives to enhance pesticide performance, improve rain fastness and better spray droplets coverage. Behn Meyer distributes wetting agents suitable for use in different situations and weather conditions.

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