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BM Personal Care: 7 – 9 August 2019
On the Road to Mandalay

Personal Care Regional Meeting at Mandalay, Myanmar

The latest Personal Care regional meeting took place from 7 – 9 August at Mandalay, Myanmar, where colleagues from Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia gathered to discuss the state of the business and chart out the future together.

A warm welcome at an Asian restaurant welcomed the participants of the meeting. After the usual pleasantries and catching up with each other, the first day of the meeting kicked into action with a training session led by Mr. Andrew Lim, a Business Manager from Jungbunzlauer, one of the world’s leading producers of biodegradable ingredients of natural origin. Through the informative session, each country’s team were able to identify the key products that would be most beneficial to market to their region.

Following the training session, a discussion was held regarding regional suppliers, as well as a brainstorming session to generate new ideas for future Behn Meyer products. Then in the late afternoon, the team took a break from the intensive mental work to engage in some physical activities instead, in the form of a hike up Mandalay Hill.

Known for its many pagodas and monasteries, Mandalay Hill is the place whence the city derives its name, and also a major pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists for almost 200 years. Cresting to the windy hilltop, the team took time to enjoy the splendid view as the sun set over the city below.

On the second day of the meeting, each country’s representative took turns to share about their sales performance in the past period, new wins and also potential projects to plan and develop over the next 5 years. The participants went on to break into small groups for a workshop where they discussed how the industry might be changing over the next few years and now the Personal Care team may best position themselves to take advantage of these trends into the year 2024.

When the third and final day came, the team went out together to explore the ancient capital of Burma, admiring the Mandalay Palace and visiting Kuthodaw Pagoda at the foot of Mandalay Hill, where the world’s largest “book” is housed in individual stupas. Before the day came to an end and they each flew back to their home countries, the team also had the chance to witness the beautiful sunset view from the U Bein Bridge.
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