Behn Meyer offers a wide range of chemical products that improve the performance of processing units.
The need for high-purity olefin process streams has become even more critical to help protect the new generation, high-yield polyolefin plant polymerization catalysts.
Together with our suppliers, we provide the products as well as the technical knowledge to apply anti-blocking agents, antioxidants and adsorbent solutions to remove the many contaminants in olefin process streams, helping you meet the high-purity requirements needed in these processes.

Our products are able to remove contaminants such as H2O, CO2, CO, O2, oxygenated hydrocarbons (such as alcohols, ketones, aldehydes, ethers and peroxide), nitrogen-based compounds (such as NH3, nitriles and amines), sulphur-based compounds (such as H2S, COS, CS2, mercaptans, sulphides and disulphides), AsH3, PH3, SbH3, Hg and others.

Our Products:
  • Adsorbents 
  • Anti-Blocking Agent 
  • Antioxidants 
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