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performance chemicals
Behn Meyer offers the performance chemicals business a broad range of products, which targets the coatings, petrochemicals, process industries, water treatment and leather & textile industry.

Within the coatings industry, Behn Meyer sells products for paint & ink, pulp & paper, ceramics & construction and adhesives.

With respect to petroleum and petrochemicals Behn Meyer supplies a diverse range of chemical products including catalysts and adsorbents, amine, activated carbon and ion exchange resins, petroleum dyes, stabilisers, fuel and gasoline additives, processing chemicals, specialty alumina, and molecular sieves, equipment and services. The process industries cover a wide spectrum of agro-based raw materials, which are used to produce many downstream products for everyday uses. 

For the water treatment business, Behn Meyer provides an extensive array of chemicals for a wide variety of industries such as processing, municipal and wastewater treatment. The key products for all water treatments systems are activated carbons, ion exchange resins, flocculants and coagulants. 

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