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Southeast Asia is renowned for its shrimp production. The two most important culture species are Vannamei and Monodon. Behn Meyer Aquaculture provides complete lifecycle solutions for the shrimp industry and offers hatchery inputs, health products, feed additives and farm supplies. Product development for Vannamei is done in Thailand and Indonesia, while the work on Monodon takes place in Vietnam.
Behn Meyer’s vision for healthy shrimp centers around disease resistance and water quality. We therefore emphasize the benefits of Pro- and Pebiotics for profitable shrimp culture.

Probiotics are widely used for detoxifying grow-out ponds and hatcheries today. Behn Meyer Aquaculture offers a broad range of eco-friendly biotech solutions that use natural microbes and enzymes to improve growing water conditions, increase disease control and enhance shrimp nutrition and growth. Our probiotic brands include Epicin D and Epicin PST, which are specifically formulated to create a healthier and cleaner growing environment, and digest organic waste at the pond bottom respectively. 
The second focus is on prebiotics for shrimp feeds. Behn Meyer Aquaculture specializes in synergies between functional prebiotics that can be used by the feed manufacturer or coated onto finished feeds at the pond site. 
Fermacto FG is an Aspergillus fermentation product that contains Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Mannose Oligosaccharides, Beta-Glucans and Glucosamine precursors. Penergetic establishes a balanced gut microflora while Azomite provides trace elements needed for protein synthesis and immune functions. Behn Meyer blends unique combinations of these prebiotics to ensure optimal growth of your shrimp. 

Pro- and Prebiotics are also used in hatchery management. In addition we promote the unique algae growth promoter Epizym AGP and a complete range of hatchery feeds, focusing on easy to use liquid products, like the Epilite and EpiFeed LHF ranges.

Optimal nutrition alone doesn’t guarantee success in aquaculture. It has to be combined with thorough understanding of environmental microbiology and disease control. Please visit Services to find out how we can help with on-site evaluation of your farming system and tailored advice on water quality and sustainability issues.

Contact us if you wish to learn more about our solutions for shrimp hatcheries and farms.
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