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Marine Fish
Marine finfish has been farmed in Southeast Asia for many years. Today, a wide variety of sea bass, groupers and snappers can be obtained from professional hatcheries. The research interest of Behn Meyer Aquaculture lies on nutritional improvements for marine species and sustainability issues associated with their culture. Solutions for sea bass are developed in Thailand and work with groupers is done in Malaysia.
Marine fish are carnivorous species and their diets require high amounts of protein and lipids. Behn Meyer’s vision for marine fish culture is to replace fish meal in the diets with plant protein sources and to develop products to enhance their digestibility. A lot of work has been done with proprietary enzymes for marine fish feeds and with prebiotics that benefit digestion. 

Liquid enzymes for marine fish are based on the proven formulation of Hemicell. Thorough understanding of substrate characteristics allows us to formulate marine diets with elevated levels of plant protein, like soybean meal. Due to the temperatures reached in the manufacturing process of marine fish feeds, post-extrusion spraying is required to apply enzymes onto the pellets. 

Prebiotics for marine fish are based on the benefits seen with the addition of Azomite to marine diets. Depending on the target species and farming situation, we add other brands like Fermacto and Penergetic to compound specific products that improve fish growth and alleviate bacteria disease problems. 

Live marine finfish is a precious commodity. In Behn Meyer Aquaculture we believe that our organic certified additives can help the industry to develop sustainable marine feeds and to deliver high value produce to the end-user. 

Contact us if you wish to learn more about our solutions for marine fish.
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