General Rubber Goods
Through thousands of rubber goods that come with various rubber chemicals in different formulations, shapes for its functions and applications, Behn Meyer rubber group offers a broad range of materials and rubber chemicals such as elastomers, rubber chemicals, accelerators processing aids, anitdegradants, fillers, resins, bonding agents, blowing agents, flame retardants, plasticizer, factice, silane coupling agents as well as PBPCs (polymer bound predispersed chemicals) to anti-tack and release agents.
The rubber parts can be general or industrial rubber goods, molded, extruded or injected like beltings, hoses, tubes, footwear, sporting goods, gasket and seals, automotive rubber parts, medical rubber parts stopper and grommets. Behn Meyer rubber team is always keen to support our customers and works closely with them in order to quickly overcome any difficulties that may arise. The Behn Meyer rubber team sets the highest professional standards and is second to none in terms of providing service and solutions. We are more than happy to see our customers achieving successful business growth with us.

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